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BusinessWorks/ACT! Link

SAGE BusinessWorks / ACT! by SAGE Link

Increase Customer Satisfaction, Efficiency, and Profitability with the new SAGE BusinessWorks / ACT! by SAGE Link

In today's highly competitive business environment, it is of paramount importance to cultivate and maintain the best possible customer and vendor relationships. To help you achieve that goal, SAGE Software has teamed two of its leading applications, ACT! by SAGE and SAGE BusinessWorks, to provide a well-rounded solution that will help you maintain customer loyalty and vendor responsiveness. With comprehensive receivables and payables functionality at your disposal, you will have the tools to enjoy profitable customer and vendor relationships for the long term. With the SAGE BusinessWorks ACT! by SAGE Link, you are assured of seamless integration that will help your company achieve greater efficiency and productivity. For instance, users operating within ACT! by SAGE can issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries, or view detailed orders and invoices. In effect, the two products allow you to connect the two halves of your business' your front office, which includes your sales force, and the heart of your business, your accounting system. In addition, bi-directional data transfer is available throughout the system, further boosting efficiency company-wide. The SAGE BusinessWorks/ACT! by SAGE Link serves as a complete front office-back office solution that can elevate your company to the next level of profitability.

Key Benefits

* Organize your contact data in one place
* Stay in touch to grow business relationships
* Prioritize your work
* Forecast and track sales opportunities
* Get a complete view of customer interactions
* Take critical information on the go
* Synchronize customer and vendor data with ACT! by SAGE contact information
* Launch accounting tasks such as Maintain Purchase Order or Maintain Sales Orders from within ACT! by SAGE
* Customize data mapping between ACT! by SAGE and SAGE BusinessWorks
* Keep a history of accounting transactions in ACT! by SAGE
* Task accessibility based on SAGE BusinessWorks security


Description Single User or Multi-User
SAGE BusinessWorks /ACT! by SAGE Link $395