C&A BusinessWorks Add-on Solutions

All of these add-on applications for BusinessWorks are compatible with BW v2018 and above. For more information please click on the application name or send an email to phil@crockerandassociates.com with your questions. 

  • CA IC Part Importer - Enhanced: The general purpose of this program is “Three-Fold”: 
    1. Import new IC Parts into SAGE BusinessWorks.
    2. Update existing IC Parts with new Information.
    3. Change the unit cost of existing IC Parts.
  • CA AR Customer Specific Price Import File: The general purpose of this process is to import Customer Specific Prices from an Excel Worksheet. This process uses the CA MM Core Module Transaction Importer to do the actual price imports.
  • CA IC Inventory Transaction Import Tool: The general purpose of this program is to import IC Transactions from a Excel Worksheet or a file created by a HT630 barcode scanner.
  • CA IC Part Auto-Import Tool: The general purpose of this program is to import IC Part information. This application can import up to 57 data elements for a part.
  • CA IC Physical Inventory Auto-Importer: This is one of our most popular applications. The general purpose of this program is to import IC Part inventory counts generated by a barcode reader.
  • CA IC Warehouse Inv Transfer Tool: For those companies that have multiple warehouses this software tools allows a user to scan parts and then transfer them in bulk to a different warehouse.
  • CA MM ACH AP/AR Exporter: This application generates standard bank NACH files for uploading both AP and AR requests to your bank.
  • CA MM Core Information Publisher: This is one of our most popular applications.  It will export data like Inventory counts, Invoice Information, custom reports etc. from  BusinessWorks to be used by other programs such as websites and shopping carts. 
  • CA MM Core Module Transaction Importer: This is our most popular add-on for BusinessWorks. It will import any and all file types that can be imported into BusinessWorks. 
  • CA MM Crystal Reports Viewer: This small application allows users to view, print and export Crystal Reports with out owning a full developers copy of SAP Crystal Reports. Eliminating repetitive Excel reports can be a significant labor savings for many companies. 
  • CA MM LabelGenerator: This is one of our most popular applications. The LabelGenerator will print labels with barcodes for just about any module and information in BusinessWorks. It is mot typically used to print barcode labels for the inventory module. 
  • C&A MM eCommerce Solution: There are three small applications that together comprise to create this very powerful solution that imports quotes and sales orders from your existing shopping cart. The sales orders come directly into BusinessWorks and if the customer does not exist in BW it will create one. 
NOTE: There are many more applications available. Send an email and ask if we have something to meet your needs.