Crystal Reports for BusinessWorks

Crocker & Associates has created more custom Crystal Reports for BusinessWorks over the last 25 years than any other SAGE BusinessWorks service organization. Below is a small list of custom reports that company management have found useful. Send an email with your specific needs to for further information.

  • Below is a partial list of Custom Crystal Reports Created by C&A for BusinessWorks Clients
  • Each report can be modified or enhanced for each individual client.   If you don't see a report that sounds like it meets your needs let us know. We can create a report to just about any clients specifications.
AP Invoice Rec Drilldown Display.rpt 
AR Aging by Invoice Sales Rep By Customer.rpt 
AR Commission report.rpt   
AR Create ART-WFBatchPayment Import File.rpt 
AR Credit Management.rpt
AR Cusotmers By Ship City By Zip.rpt  
AR Custom Analysis Sort Current Year to Date.rpt
AR Custom Sales Analysis report.rpt
AR Custom Sales Analysis Sort Current Month.rpt  
AR Customer Deposits.rpt 
AR Invoice - Quick Invoice.rpt
AR Invoice - Standard Items.rpt  
AR Invoice Detail Report.rpt
AR Invoice Payments by Sales Rep.rpt 
AR Invoice -Recuring.rpt 
AR Late Fee Calculator.rpt 
AR List of Customers_On_Hold.rpt 
AR Open Credits.rpt
AR Payments.rpt 
AR Recurring Bookings Report 
AR Recurring Invoice History Report-Sum by Cycle.rpt
AR Recurring Invoice History Report-Sum by Property.rpt
AR Recurring Invoice Report 
AR Report w-returns to match GL.rpt
AR Royalty Statement.rpt
AR Sales Analysis Cross Tab Monthly.rpt
AR Sales Analysis Report by ShipTo Addess.rpt
AR Sales by customer by Sales Account.rpt  
AR Sales Rep Commission Report
AR NEXUS Sales Tax Report.rpt
AR Statement w_Invoices.rpt 
AR YTD Sales History.rpt
CM Aging Report for Bank.rpt 
CM Uro to Dollar Converter.rpt
GL 9 Year Income Statement.rpt
GL 13 Month Rolling Income Statement
GL Annual Income Statemen by month by year.rpt
GL CMO-9 Year Income Statement.rpt
GL Custom Financials - Actual.rpt
GL Custom Financials - Budget.rpt 
GL Custom Profit & Loss.rpt 
GL Income Statement - By Month.rpt 
GL Income Statement - By Month.rpt 
GL Monthly Income Statement
GL Statement w_Invoices.rpt
GL Trial Balance w-employee full names.rpt
IC Custom PO w-Picture.rpt
IC Daily Part Usage Report.rpt  
IC Extract SubComponents-40-.rpt
IC Inventory Report.rpt
IC Item Type Summary Report.rpt
IC Negative Avalible to Sale Report.pdf 
IC No-Activity Parts.rpt 
IC Part Analysis Report.rpt 
IC Part PO OnHand status.rpt 
IC Part Usage Report by Date Range.rpt 
IC Parts Catalog with Picture.rpt 
IC PO Drilldown.rpt
IC PO Total Display.rpt
IC Pricing - Change to Base.rpt 
IC Sales Order Repor.rpt
IC Transactions.rpt 
IC Venfor Parts Purchase Analysis Last 2 years by Department.rpt
JC Billings w Job Number and Sales Tax.rpt
JC Job Committed Report.rpt 
JC WIP Managament
JC Job Sheet.rpt  
JC JobCosting SO to PO.rpt
OE Back In Stock Date and Qty.rpt
OE Back Order Report.rpt
OE Custom Invoice w Currency Exchange Rate.rpt 
OE Custom Quote w Currency Exchange Ratee.rpt
OE Daily Unshipped Sales Order Items.rpt
OE EDI-TureCommerce 810.rpt 
OE EDI-TureCommerce 846.rpt 
OE EDI-TureCommerce 856.rpt 
OE Gross Profit by Customer Sales Descending
OE Gross Proft by line item by SO by Salesman.rpt
OE History Variance by salesperson.rpt 
OE Invoice Upload to Web.rpt
OE Invoice w-pictures.rpt
OE Invoice.rp
OE Job Ticket.rpt
OE Non-Stock Analysis.rpt
OE On Order vs On Hand Report.rpt
OE Open Sales Order Report.rpt   
OE Order Release Report with color coding.RPT
OE Sales Analysis Report-Special Orders Only.RPT
OE Sales Dashboard w/ charts by Sales Rep & Department
OE Sales Report by Sales Rep Net Gross-w-credits
OE Sales Report by Sales Rep.rpt 
OE SO by FileCreation date.rpt 
OE SO Creation App.rpt
OE Subassembly.rpt
OE Warehouse Shipping Doc.rpt
PR Time Card Output Report.rpt